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New Doom will be revealed at QuakeCon 2014 !

Started by motorsep, June 10, 2014, 01:22:17 PM

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The Happy Friar

I'm hoping that's what the cyberdemon will look like in game.  I'm hoping more it's action oriented like the game it's a remake of.  :)  Really, making it a suspense/gore fest would be like remaking Aliens in to a suspense/gore fest.  It wouldn't be the same! 

Love the door sound too.

Sir Blackington

Ya, I'd love it to b more of a runnyjumpyshooty kinda thing then d3 was. D3 was doom, and did a decent enough job at that, so I hope they just leave that where it is and major the gamplay faster and more frantic like d2. Would b so much fun to dodge cyberdemon rockets and God knows what else, while shooting back, all on something similar to rages movment system


I have a pretty good idea that what we'v seen in Wolf the new order will for the most part be how the physics will turn out, in a Doom3 theme and Rage atmosphere.

On the side of models, the biggest badest model in Wolf will probably be the Cyber demon, or perhaps Spider mastermind. 

If Doom4 turns out anything like Wolf the new order, "but with more backbone", I'll be happy.
I just hope it has good multiplayer!

Then I'll really be looking forward to a new Quake5.
~ to add to that, any new quake needs to get that hexen/heretic feel back in to it, like the original? - where's my axe and purple sky?
~ although, I wouldn't care much for a singleplayer version for quake, give a new quake the replay value of quake3.. there's tons of modders out here, and out there, and we would love that for a change!
This however also goes for DooM4, we'd love it to have multiplayer, "but also to make maps for it!" ~ just like the first DooM and DooMII..and of course DooMIII.

Graphic/Texture artist for Hexen - Eoc and ARX - Eos

The Happy Friar

Since modding these newer engines is more intense then the older ones (ha, even D3 falls in to that category!) having something like UT mutators would get people modding the game again.  Bighead cyber demon puts a smile on my face.  :)

Sir Blackington

Btw, the physics the same in wolf as in rage? And anyone touch the md6 models and find out what or if is different/better abot them over md5?


No one is modding Wolf because you can't.

So we don't know anything about the Wolf idTech 5 engine.


And I feel the same way about it, Wolf says something about "requires a 64 bit version"... I'm on win8.1 64bit for heavens sake!.. where's my download!

I wish we could create some stuff for Wolf The New Order, aside from knowing its model format, there's not much there..
At least in Rage we could bring up the level editor..

But for the new DooM.. we need that, we need to be able to make maps, as well as for multiplayer, (that's always been one of DooM's strongest points, multiplayer and making maps for it!)

Graphic/Texture artist for Hexen - Eoc and ARX - Eos


That's really stupid. GG Bethesda

The game better be fucking good.


The Happy Friar

Article's a little late, when the teaser was shown it said, and id and Beth said, it was going to be shown on @ QCon.  :)

It'll get out.  I've got no problem.  We got to see some Q4 & Doom movie footage first at QC.  Good treat for the fans imho.  :)

EDIT: I can understand no mod tools for Wolf, and I'm not expecting any for any other id tech 5 game.  Nobody made anything with Rage.  It's getting hard to mod the newer engines and id/Beth spend the time and $$ getting the rage tools out but got almost no content back for all that effort.

Bummer really. :(


Actually it's much easier to make levels with Cryengine or Unreal IMO

But nothing has cool demons to slay like Doom.


Have they mentioned what their intended year/quarter they expect to release is?