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Re: Doom 3 Supremacy

Started by The Happy Friar, November 26, 2018, 02:02:47 PM

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Lots of work done the past week, which will be shown off here soon enough :)

However there's one thing that I absolutely have to rave about right now, and that's IcedTech (, a brand spanking new modernized idtech4 source port with too many new features to mention, several of which were high up on my wishlist. It has it's own forum too, which can be found at

At the moment, only 32bit Windows builds are available, but Linux support is being looked at and the engine runs fine in WINE, which is good enough for me to adopt it as-is.


The Happy Friar

were you controlling the spider turret or was it moving on it's own?


I didn't control it.

But I'm working on a control method.


I have now formally adopted the new IcedTech engine.

Short test of a quake 4 map runthrough:

One of the major changes is that IcedTech is deprecating the use of doomscript, which means all of the scripting will need to be rewritten in C++. It's not that much work because of the similarity.