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Title: Waving plants
Post by: bitterman on September 14, 2019, 10:46:12 PM
In some modern games which are newer than D3 (e.g. FarCry 2) plant models are interact with player.

When player coming close to medium sized plant then plant are slant in player's move direction.
And when player goes through plant then it is waving some time.

I think this behavior realised by script but don't know where to start.

Maybe someone has already done it.

Title: Re: Waving plants
Post by: The Happy Friar on September 14, 2019, 11:31:11 PM
well, a couple ways.1) ragdoll plants.  could take up a lot of cpu power, you need to do an AF for your plants.  AF kind of = PITA.2) have them be a monster & when you get to close they run an animation.3) have them be a func_animate, and when you get to close animation is changed (this might be better then monster, not sure).
Never looked in to specifically how Farcry did it, so not sure if there's a better way in D3 to do it.