Author Topic: These questions are for anyone who has finished Summer's End  (Read 105 times)

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These questions are for anyone who has finished Summer's End
« on: November 27, 2020, 02:19:37 AM »

These questions are for anyone who has finished Summer's End. I began the pursuit yesterdayand have gotten to the point of dealing with the Spirit Beast. Despite following guides and having good food and potions, I discover that somehow, I always end up OSRS gold screwing up once I'm trying to get the 3 pyres in the cave lit, and also have expired repeatedly. . .is it assumed to take an obscene number of trips to get this exploration?

I've been doing my best to watch the beast and listen to the sounds which correspond with his attack, but always appear to run in to trouble. I am beginning to become frustrated and'm wondering just how much difficulty this exploration caused you all personally, or if neglecting this much at it's typical or I want to work on hitpoints (I am at 76 hp right now).

So. . .how frequently would you say that you died doing this quest? I know guides say that it is typical to die even in a top level, but how often did you actually die? Would it be better for me to work on hitpoints a little more and try again?

Any additional advice would be greatly appreciated also. That quest was bad really bad... when I was doing ok there were screaming cats about to distract me and make me fail or I was just too nervous reason for the beast. It took me over 400 monkfish to do it. I hope you did not light among the pyre however... I had that problem it really made things bad. Light all when they are prepared!

The only real advice I can give is ooglog (or whatever that is called) unlimited energy pool. And trying, trying stressful. I did it on a different account after mine... Took an hournever died and enjoy 40 swordies and a couple of pray pots doses used. Once you get it* it's really a bit of cake... before that fantastic luck and have good nerves. My account had been unfortuantly hacked for the first time since I started playing '04. I dropped my d chain unfortuantly. Anyways, I submitted a recuperate account appeal and got my account back. The hacker had broken several rules in my account, and so I went from cheap RS gold 0-5.5 blackmarks plus a seven day mute (I've never gotten some blackmarks before) Anyways, because the offenses were not mine, I appealed them selected the option saying other person committed crime and not me (not exact wording but it's close) So my accounts was thus locked. I then submitted an unlock accounts request so that I could play with my account whenever they finish looking into the crimes.