Author Topic: "True First Person" mode for idtech4  (Read 8162 times)

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Re: "True First Person" mode for idtech4
« Reply #30 on: January 18, 2016, 04:26:19 AM »
Come on devils, we all know motorseps opinions reflect exactly that of the rest of the worlds. Just like how his low frequency amd tri core hooked up to a very nice graphics card is an excelent representation of the run of the mill gaming pc. Where as your 5 generation old intel is so completely OP and out of the reach of the normal consumer it isnt worth mentioning. That being said Caedes is right. Sadly atm im not able to view the links Caedes posted, but ill do it once I get home  in the morning. I can see the whole climbing up walls/ladder thing being doable. The thing which i see being a challenge is grabbing objects and what not in world space. You hardly see that in any game and just trying to get my head around pulling it off in a convincing and robust manner seems really tricky. But all of that is a little off topic since many fps out there dont do half those things currently.


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Re: "True First Person" mode for idtech4
« Reply #31 on: January 18, 2016, 05:15:12 AM »
I agree, pulling off the "True First Person" mode requires proper planning and early consideration during the development of a game.
It is currently definitely easier to slap those viewmodels over the first person view and create the extra set of animations and be done with it and so I guess that is why we still see it being done so often...

But things start to fall apart when you play those games in 3D where suddenly you get "3D depth conflicts" once you approach the game world close up and the viewmodel geometry 3D Depth starts to conflict with the world geometry 3D Depth...

And it gets worse when you play a game in VR where you get 360 of free rotational viewing in all directions. Either you bind/attach those viewmodels to your view while looking around (which looks ridiculous and unnatural "like a turret") or you also allow the view to rotate independent from the viewmodel and body which will quickly expose the incompleteness of the viewmodel and you simply see how the hands mesh abruptly ends with the rest of the body missing when you look downwards.

I personally like and prefer the "unified idea" of a player-body-model even if it requires proper consideration and planning because I see all the benefits over the issues that have plagued traditional FPS games in the past, just like I liked the idea of idtech4's unified light and shadowing rendering and only time will tell whether that concept will prevail or not but if 3D and VR gaming are supposed to be "the future" like so many people currently claim, there will be no way around the "True First Person" mode for FPS games.
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