Author Topic: A question involving game code for ragdolls blocking movers  (Read 1350 times)

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I'm wondering if you could help me solve a problem with my own mod for DOOM 3...

I've made changes to the game to make all monster corpses stay forever and addressed other issues that popped up in the game as a result, but one I haven't figured out is getting movers like doors and moving platforms to ignore corpses and finish rather than treating them as an occlusion and going into a loop where they can never finish.

There seems like 2 ways this can go: either movers ignore dead bodies (how does it check this though?), or bodies are set to not be solid to a mover. The latter sounds simpler to do. For the player as an example, a living enemy is solid so you can't walk through them, but a dead enemy is not solid so you walk right through the body, but it isn't non-solid for everything or things like bullets would not have an effect on the bodies. Somewhere in the D3SDK is code that determines for a mover if an obstruction is solid or not and either reverses direction if it is solid and finishes if it is not. I can't simply have movers treat everything as non-solid as then they would clip right through living enemies and the player potentially standing in a mover path.