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bugs with maps loading

Started by grml4d, August 29, 2017, 04:21:47 PM

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i create a mod that reuses original maps of doom3 & roe ; by now i was doing my "mix & tests" in the d3xp folder .
yesterday after having recompiled maps to change their order , i changed the folder name to road2hell..but then the maps are no more correctly loading ..

if i use the new name then console stops with this error message , instead of loading entities :

Entering doom_main()
Exiting doom_main()
Spawning entities
--------- Game Map Shutdown ----------
ERROR: Function 'map_erebus1::main' not found in script for 'call' key on worldspawn
]condump erebus1_road2hell
Dumped console text to erebus1_road2hell.txt.

what are the files i have to edit for the correct loading ?


Most of the stuff won't work when you simply change directory name, it'd take file path adjusting to get it loading properly. Which directory you've renamed?


i use the roe gamex86.dll and d3xp folder name
i hope to get / build a new dll and use road2hell folder name ...