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How to activate ragdoll after spawning?

Started by bitterman, October 10, 2017, 03:06:22 AM

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When I spawn then it starts as "live" npc. To start this ragdoll I must to kill npc.
Is there a way to spawn "already dead" ragdoll (I mean key/val in .def or script command)?
(it spawns via dropitemAF() )



Maybe try to spawn it using testModel command?

The Happy Friar

There's no default ragdoll entity so you can't.  His model doesn't use the same skeleton as other characters in the game (the model with the BFG anyway) so you can't replace another character's model with his in the already defined "env" ragdolls.
you can:
a) make a new entity
b) spawn the live guy & have a script/trigger to kill him.

Those should work.