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Player's interactions with objects via keys

Started by bitterman, January 13, 2018, 11:41:39 PM

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I'm looking for how to implement this thing:

When player stay close to spec. entity then scripn send to HUD some message like "Use E" or "Destroy D".

Then player can press some key to interact with this entity.

Don't remember this feature in D3.



In fact this is like multiple trigger with target_tip. Not sure about keys yet.


Another way (looks like system font is fixed and can't be changed via script).


On-trigger gui on the top of interacted item is a best idea IMO.

Is there a way to make gui surf always to stay in player's view?
(like 'deform sprite' for material but I can't find how to assign mtr to gui).

*********** upd ************

It's works fine on func_static with decal mtr and show/hide by trigger/script (right quad).
On func_static with gui the 'deform sprite' k/v works odd (left quad).

Not so flexible as gui (font type, align etc) but works as planned.

Now about key handle...