When monster shot, possible to freeze time & bring up GUI to type in?

Started by The Happy Friar, December 11, 2018, 10:55:27 PM

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The Happy Friar

I'm looking for an exciting way to help my younger kids learn how to spell/read, so I thought maybe Doom could be modded so that when you successfully hit a monster time is "stopped" for several seconds, a gui pops up & you have to spell the word it displays.  I have minimal experience with the GUI aspects of the game so I'm wondering if this is even possible without C++ coding.
The words that you spell would be listed in a file (or I guess a script/def) and one is randomly chosen.  The faster you type the word the more damage is done to the monster.  Misspelling the word causes less damage then normal.  That's all secondary to if it can even be done.


Hmm, that's a pretty good idea. Are you sure Doom 3 is the right game to do this with, though?...

The Happy Friar

If I can get it in stock D3 then I can make it more kid oriented (as in less scary).  I was originally thinking of doing it in Quake 2 but I thought D3 might be easier.


"By the power of linguistic shotgun I command you - die!" )))

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Think about AI_WEAPON_FIRED in ai player script.