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Jet Printer |Buy Jet Printer |Jet printer price
« on: November 11, 2020, 07:22:54 AM »
Among the devices that Parsa Jet Printer sells and repairs, we can mention image jet printer, Linux jet printer, domino jet printer, ribbon purchase, jet printer, female history, industrial jet printer.

In jet printers, based on non-contact spraying of ink, especially in the form of charged particles, as well as the adhesion of ink particles on products so that the printed text is resistant to any damage such as moisture and strength, and simply and Do not easily separate from the product, the same non-contact spraying system has caused the printing speed in these types of printers to increase, especially in industrial printers, which have a much higher speed.

The operating system of industrial jet printers is such that by installing on the production line, according to its advanced technology, it identifies the position of the product, and based on the given program, the ink with high pressure and speed, and based on The ordered design is sprayed on the product.

And after it is sprayed, it writes very quickly and quickly that it may be the date of production or expiration of the product or its specifications, and it dries.