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Started by The Happy Friar, May 20, 2014, 09:16:31 AM

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The Happy Friar

  • no porn/warez or how to get it.
  • If  you say you have a pirated whatever, don't expect any help from me.  That goes if you have a pirated Maya or a pirated D3 and are asking for help.
  • Notice no "off topic" section?  You can take all the non id tech related talk over to, they cover more then just id tech stuff.  That includes politics and industry news.  Unless it's related to one of the engines covered, then post it in the discussion forum for that engine.
  • If you post something really neat, interesting, etc. it might end up on the main page of  I run that site too.  No promises though.
  • Be respectful.  Didn't say be kind, didn't say be mean, I said be RESPECTFUL.
  • Remember, most of the engines are under the GPL, so others may use that code w/o permission.
  • Get some work done.  The more content, the merrier.
  • Contrary to popular belief, things DO disappear on the internet.  D3W is "living" proof of that.  Post your tutorials, etc. on other places too.  We don't want to loose all this information. is a good place to post tutorials.