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They're evolving.
Not currently but I will eventually release a bunch of tweaks I've made. I'll let you know.
id Tech 4 WIP / Some modding I have been doing.
April 25, 2020, 03:07:30 PM
So I have been using blender to replace some models. replaced the zsec machinegunner with the soldier and made first person arms to go with all the weapons and pda/flaslight as well as made a new chaingunner.

Welcome! / Re: Hi new
April 17, 2020, 12:22:11 PM
Hey welcome to the forums :)
Quote from: The Happy Friar on April 11, 2020, 07:46:23 AM
BTW, I liked the end boss level.  What did you guys think?  I also like it was nice how the game actually seemed to end vs the cliffhanger endings we get so much these days.

Looked cool as fuck. Was a nightmare to fight but I liked blowing thru the layers. Not looking forward to this game on nightmare and ultra ngl.
Yeah the credits in the last game where great.
The after credits scene is funny tho, you seen it? You can just youtube it.
The rockets do the job nicely.
I found it relatively hard because I played Ultra violence on my first play thru.
The Makyr I actually didn't have to much trouble with, here's what I did:

1.stay in air as much as possible.this biatch loves to burn the ground.

2.use plasma gun with the heat blast mod ( I had it mastered) when you have charged up the gun by shooting then you can do more damage.this will kill the fuck out of most things. there are three tiers of charge and your guns plasma will turn red when done charging all three.

3. headshot the drones with the machinegun for plasma ammo.

4.use the bfg ammo for basically a free shot, you only get one in that area.

5. The makyr can only be killed by bloodpunch, here's the trick, when she is vulnerable use the DB shotgun grapple hook to zoom up to her and blood punch.

If you try to reach her any other way she often will recover first.

6. the gun called the Unmakyr is made to kill the Makyr. Blame doom 64 for that one ;P

It's good when you unlock everything :) the cheat codes and stuff are fun. when you get them all you can play doom1 on the pc in the room, to play Doom 2 you need to input the code "FLYNNTAGGART"
Neat! I am guessing Your playing on pc? How did you go into photomode in the fortress?
Graphics are beautiful as are the animations, not that it needs to be said as that's a given nowdays, I was really pleased with the photomode allowing you to go in thirdperson mode and even pose your character! Pity any third person animations like glory kills don't let you:(
There are some great bits of story in it for you then! But no, what happens in the last game is not touched on at all, except maybe some codex entries regarding what Samuel Hayden got up to back on Earth. Overall when you think of the  story, it gets fairly convoluted but ultimately it's more story then we got from any barring Doom3.
The story is interesting because it is  like you said trying to keep consistent with not only the original doom, but also the Quake 3 lore, as far as I can tell, whilst expanding it. What they do poorly is fill the gaps between 2016 and Eternal.

I play with the doomguy skin on and it seems to fit better. I am curious as to what the dlc campaigns will add in future and for me this game has a good level of replay-ability. Be great if it has modding support in future although I own it and console and wouldn't benefit from that.

Triple A Games in my country cost almost double that. I wish eternal only cost $60.
I felt that way for the first few levels. I have completed the game a few times now, In my opinion It is a good sequel to 2016 and when I completed it I felt pretty satisfied.

They are tonally different as Doom Eternal does not take itself as seriously as Doom 2016 and I think that feels pretty jarring to some.
I play with the original Doomguy skin and that feels more like I am playing a graphically beautiful brutal doom It suits the aesthetic more :).

The Battlemode is ultimately pretty lacklustre and I don't think it will stand the test of time. I would of preferred just deathmatch instead. The decision to remove snapmap is disappointing  but they hinted at modding in the future as a possibility.

Tl;dr: It grows on you.
So, I recently got a new PC and have been attempting to change the arms the guns use in first person to be the arms of my Playermodel. It's all rigged fine and the arms show up but they are semi transparent, which is odd since the material is the same as defined in the thirdperson .mtr file for them. Any Ideas as to where I am going wrong?