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Using d3xp as base mod

Started by EoceneMiacid, June 12, 2016, 02:49:22 PM

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I want to use d3xp content in my mod, so I start it with the fs_game_base set to "d3xp". I have also created a custom player class, based off of the d3xp one, with the grabber and heart artifact intentionally removed.

However, I would like to keep the double barreled shotgun. I can spawn the movable object and pick it up, but switching to the gun stops the session with this error message in the console: "ERROR: Script object 'weapon_shotgun_double' not found on weapon 'weapon_shotgun_double'.

I haven't touched either the .def or the .script file, so it should use those from d3xp's pak file, right?

What am I doing wrong?



Why not just port the double barrel to doom 3? Most of the code in the ROE source has a lot to do with the weapons u don't want.
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Because ROE has a bunch of other assets I would like to use as well, such as the guys in hazmat suits, the bruisers, and so on.

Not to mention, I'd like to understand what's going wrong.


Then port them too. No need to have a source with tons of unnecessary code in it. Move their def, script, material code, sounds, models, and skins over to Doom 3 and then add their script file to the doom_main.script and you're done. As for the double barrel that'll be a bit trickier because of the HUD and PDA. But there's already a mod out there that does just this already. Get it and look at how they added this weapon.
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It's from Game_local.cpp

#ifdef _D3XP
// List of all defs used by the player that will stay on the fast timeline
static const char* fastEntityList[] = {

Sorry, don't have ROE assets at now.


Seriously though, why doesn't this work?

I'd rather not duplicate the required content. It's there, I should be able to use it. I'd like to properly base the mod on d3xp and not hack my way around what I suspect is a simple problem.

It seems to be related to the use of fs_game_base. If I copy my mod stuff to the d3xp folder and then run it using doom3 +set fs_game roe, all works well.
However, I would like to keep my stuff in a separate mod, based off of d3xp.
The sole purpose of fs_game_base is pretty much enabling submods for d3xp, and I can't get it to work :/

Even just running doom3 +set fs_game_base d3xp with no fs_game set makes it impossible to play a map, because it bombs out with a 'unknown weapon: weapon pda' error.

So what else is required to make "fs_game_base d3xp" work properly?