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Creating a Worldmesh

Started by spamclark15, June 22, 2017, 08:05:59 PM

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I found a different rocket launcher viewmesh and pickup (.lwo) but it doesn't seem to have come with a worldmesh. Since the new design is just a slight revision of the old, I'm wondering if it's possible to simply swap the original worldmesh geometry with that of the .lwo file while keeping the skeleton intact.

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This appears to be esoteric today. I had a similar question that will likely go unanswered regarding conversion of .LWO files. I can turn them into PNGs in reaconverter, but if I wanted to increase their resolution what would be the valid path? Does anyone know?

It looks like I will need industry software, and wouldnt it be nice to have confirmation that I was getting the right thing. For all I know the support is deprecated.