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DOOM 3 Spawn flash light color

Started by spamclark15, October 18, 2017, 08:13:36 PM

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I've been changing the colors for the spawn effect that demons spawn in with (and players in multiplayer) but I'm not sure where the light flash is defined, as usually it's found in the DEF for whatever creates it. Anyone know where I should look?

The Happy Friar

The flash light is defined with a material.  It uses a graphic for it's color & pattern it uses.   I forget where it is, but find the material it calls in the def, then you'll find the file it uses.


I kind of suspected this. It's a single detail that I need to follow the breadcrumbs to the source. I thought it would start in a def or material or particle and then trace it to one of the others. I search through all of the game's files a lot looking for a string somewhere that I think might be relevant in the hopes that it will reveal enough to track it down the rest of the way. Generally colors defined in defs are for muzzle flashes or a flash of some color for when someone uses their attack... It's not going to be in the weapon_ defs or the map_ defs.... Crap.

The Happy Friar

I actuatly keep  already extracted def/material files handy just to do searches.  :)

So after searching in the weapon_flashlight.def, it says the "mtr_flashshader" is "lights/flashlight5".  That's defined in the same .def file.

That references a file in "lights/flashlight5.tga".  That's in pak000.pk4.


Yes I keep a copy of the game extracted for the same reason along with a folder of just assets that are useful for text searches.

I already know where the flashlight stuff is. The flash when demons spawn is unrelated.


Got it. Traced it back through the telebolt particle effect. This is referenced in teleporter.fx and 4 other fx files, which then references the squareblast light.

Next mystery to solve is where the color for the HUD doodles of all the weapons is (the icon that shows up when you pick up a new weapon.) They're shown in a greenish/cyan color but having gone through the GUIs that belong to the HUD for both single player and multiplayer, I haven't run across it yet. I changed the HUD colors and these need to change as well. I wish I knew the color as the float values the game uses as that would lead me right to it as I've replaced everything else that is that color. They're white and then colored by the game, likely in a GUI I haven't touched with a name that doesn't make this obvious.


you should search in roe , where vulgars monsters are spawning with a blue signal

The Happy Friar

Quote from: spamclark15 on October 18, 2017, 10:57:12 PM
I already know where the flashlight stuff is. The flash when demons spawn is unrelated.

I thought "light flash" was "flash light."  My bad.  :)  Sorry!