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Some modding I have been doing.

Started by MooD, April 25, 2020, 03:07:30 PM

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So I have been using blender to replace some models. replaced the zsec machinegunner with the soldier and made first person arms to go with all the weapons and pda/flaslight as well as made a new chaingunner.


Looks good and makes for some nice monster variation! Is there a download available?


Not currently but I will eventually release a bunch of tweaks I've made. I'll let you know.


Nice for monster variations also excellent work on the arms, how do you do this on blender i haven't seen any way to import or export doom 3 models.

The Happy Friar

Here's a list of Doom 3 importers & exporters, & some tutorials on how to use them:

Scroll down on the guy's Youtube page for the Doom 3 tutorials.

The pk4 files are renamed .zip files, so you can use 7zip or windows explore to open them up & extract the assets.