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SnapMap on Facebook

Started by douglas quaid, November 25, 2015, 03:37:24 PM

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douglas quaid

Hey guys,

I've created a Facebook group for SnapMap. I know you guys might not use FB much but it's great for quick talk, images and video shares, as opposed to Forums. It can also be used for WIP shots, tutorials, advertising your own works and other related information. I'm just starting the group up and I'm not trying to steal Friars users :D

I'm interested to find out would any of you be willing to team up to make a few 'Maps' for SnapMap when it's released? I've a few ideas running around in my head but it would be great to collaborate with original Doom makers.

If you're interested, here's the link below...

TOTAL RECALL - Singleplayer mod for Doom 3 starring Arnold Schwarzenegger
BLACKOUT - Free indie horror game based on the id Tech 4 engine


I'm definitely gonna look into making maps for Doom 4 but I really need to see what all can be done with Snapmap before I get excited about it. I got to save my brain cells for definite objectives. LOL
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I'm interested but I wont use fb. I'll stick with these forums.