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id Tech 2 Mod's / Quake 2 TC - Infinity: The Kai'Ren Threat
« on: March 30, 2017, 07:07:34 AM »
In 1998-1999 Katana Software team developed a game based on Quake 2. Its story and atmosphere made it nothing less than their own Unreal! Introductory level is impressive and memorable just like that spaceship from Unreal.

Unfortunately, for unknown reasons the project was cancelled and everything that's left - demo-version with three levels, amount of its mentions in the Internet unfairly decreases as the time passes.

Finally, the time to publicly release my level for this old-school idTech powered game has come. The design is focused on exploration of varied non-linear environment and challenging enemy encounters.

When nothing foretold trouble, a new threat suddenly emerged. You are sent deep into enemy territory to investigate. Soon you will realise that enemy forces are not the only problem you have to worry about...


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