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[WIP] Standalone .pk4 for IDTech 4 projects.

Started by Sradex, March 16, 2019, 12:22:38 AM

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Hello everyone, since October 2018 I'm working in a standalone mod project using Dhewm3, but since now I decided to make it a standalone project, not mod at all.

And that makes me notice that it's a bit time consuming to leave behind all Doom 3 assets and keep the engine working fine (loading with main menu, loading maps, etc...)

So I decided to make my own very very basic .pk4 "starter pack" for standalone projects (all created by me with CC0 license).

Video from WIP 1:

Video from WIP 2:

Thanks to Snehk / Dark One for sharing his assets to this little project!

Download link:

The assets quality are really bad but they're intended to be placeholders to let you work fast in your project without mind about Doom 3 assets and legal stuff because that...