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Doom 3 LMS 4.0 Mod : In Hell ?


Hello, i'm new here, i'd like to ask for a solution for my problem since Doomworld wasn't really helpful, decided to post it here , hope there will be someone to help me .

So i'm looking for Some way to display In Hell mappack maps on Maps list from selection menu just like Alucard's LMS Pack .

I Was able to run the maps manually via console commands, however each time i finish a map it either restarts itself or takes me to a regular LMS Map .

The maps were already updated to work for OpenCoop and that is the version i'm using .

Any help would be very appreciated .

Other informations :
Game Version : Doom 3 v1.3.1 Steam version
Mod : Last Man Standing v4.0
Addon : Open Coop In Hell (v1.1)


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