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Windows 7 Administrator problem

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I wanted to know what is the solution to running this game on windows 7, I've installed it on the new upgrade, but It won't run, I tried run as Administrator, and it is an admin account, the default one.

I have noticed two or three other games are like this, Mafia, GTA 3, Vice city won't even load to install.

Elite force works, the expansion pack cd won 't even run due to 64bit OS.

Driver works, as well I think Men in Black. And San Andreas does work, I think both due to Driver and SA they have newer installation programs on them.

The Happy Friar:
I can help with the EF expansion.  It should have all the content in a folder on the disc.  Just copy/paste to your EF folder.

I will give that a try, so just copy the cd contents. Thanks.

I'm not suprised why there are no users of the older games on newer systems, since they may not be worth the hassle with all the new content out. In particular since EF and half life 2 well that can run via steam, but the issue with modding those two games is that the mods I want to edit, are unique but not supported or long cancelled. The files to edit aren't there or the knowledge.

The Happy Friar:
There's lots of users of older games on newer systems.  Some games don't like newer OS's (id games are the exception, with Wolf/Doom/Q1 GPL letting you play) is all. normally guaranties a game will work on the OS listed & Win7/8/10 are listed for almost every game now.  Valve doesn't make sure games work via Steam so it can be a crapshoot with that for older stuff.

What's the error D3 is spitting out on not running.

Doom 3 runs fine for me on Win7 64bit. No tweaking necessary.


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