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Low FPS in RBDoom and how to increase it via console


On the picture below one asset loaded in BFG and RB.

For BFG com_showFPS 1 shows 60, for RB - 15. Here a .cfg which created after run RB:

--- Quote ---unbindall
<some binds>
set com_engineHz "60"
set r_motionBlur "0"
set r_forceScreenWidthCentimeters "0"
set r_exposure "0.5"
set r_useSSAO "1"
set r_useSSGI "0"
set r_forceAmbient "0.2"
set r_useFilmicPostProcessEffects "1"
set r_useHDR "1"
set r_useShadowMapping "1"
set r_useVirtualScreenResolution "1"
set stereoRender_deGhost "0.05"
set stereoRender_swapEyes "0"
set stereoRender_enable "0"
set r_debugArrowStep "120"
set r_debugLineWidth "1"
set r_debugLineDepthTest "0"
set r_useHalfLambertLighting "1"
set r_lightScale "3"
set r_skipShadows "0"
set r_skipBump "0"
set r_skipSpecular "0"
set r_skipNewAmbient "0"
set r_brightness "1"
set r_gamma "1.0"
set r_swapInterval "1"
set r_lodBias "0.5"
set r_useTrilinearFiltering "1"
set r_maxAnisotropicFiltering "8"
set r_useSRGB "0"
set r_windowHeight "720"
set r_windowWidth "1280"
set r_windowY "14"
set r_windowX "169"
set r_customHeight "720"
set r_customWidth "1280"
set r_fullscreen "0"
set r_vidMode "0"
set r_antiAliasing "0"
set r_displayGLSLCompilerMessages "1"
set popupDialog_debug "0"
--- End quote ---

Main game assets are not loaded so system settings can't be changed via menu.

And looks like  "machineSpec" commands are not supported in BFG and RB.

How to increase fps in RB (and BFG) via console?

And second question: what means these parameters showed by com_showFPS (rs-off, G+RF, RB etc.)?


There are a few r_use cvars which was affected on fps.

Some time ago I was looking for why RB is darker than BFG. That is why.

And about com_showFPS - not sure what mean these params but here is thier names:

If value is critical it draws in red color.


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