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Title: TDM version of gcc-9.2.0
Post by: revelator on November 28, 2019, 01:22:21 PM
I allmost gave up on this when i made my last update to my codeblocks + msys2 / mingw64 compiler (gcc-7.4.0 at that time).
To many changes to how the compiler did stuff and in a bad need for updates to the shared memory interface used for supporting exceptions thrown from static libraries.

I took another look a few days ago, and was finally succesfull in updating the patches needed.

gcc now has full support for C++17 (i had to update the libstdc++ makefiles for them to accept the TDM patchset but it works now).

My own compiler has grown to preposterous sizes since i started work on this so it is not avaliable for download unless you are comfortable waiting on a 300gb+ download from FTP :P
It does sport everything under the sun but the size is not that fun.

So i can upload the gcc-9.2.0 packages to my sourceforge site and those who still use my older versions can then use pacman to update the old gcc (warning you also need binutils-2.33 which i will also upload).
Title: Re: TDM version of gcc-9.2.0
Post by: revelator on December 01, 2019, 10:04:30 AM
Started uploading the updates.

Give it a few hours to make sure all packages are there. (

The updated TDM patches are also avaliable, link soon.
Title: Re: TDM version of gcc-9.2.0
Post by: revelator on September 16, 2020, 08:09:27 AM
updated gcc to 9.3.0 binutils to 2.35.
One major snag turned up in regards to the TDM patchset, you cannot use ASLR with the TDM based compilers as the mechanism used to allow throwing exceptions across dll boundaries from static libraries rely on a set base adress (ASLR randomizes these).

This means various AV solutions will likely flag anything built with it as a major threat and try to delete it.
There is no threat however and pretty much any mingw gcc before the aslr update will get flagged as well, so you need to whitelist your programs with the AV or risk loosing them.

SO much for progress indeed sigh.