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Welcome! / Re: Growing the community
« on: May 26, 2016, 03:54:08 PM »
No my source will be released when version 7 is released. Why people use Linux I don't understand. Sorry for the inconvenience.

... and that's why Doom 3 modding would hugely benefit from implementing a scripting language. Take away the platform dependency.

And I'm not going to start a OS flamewar here, but I cannot stand working with Windows. I much prefer Linux for a huge list of reasons. Let's keep it at that.

Welcome! / Re: Growing the community
« on: May 26, 2016, 03:34:02 PM »
Have u tried out my mod Eocene? It does the best that can be done with Doom 3's map layouts and somebody made an addon for it that greatly increases the monster count. Plus weapon upgrades galore. Version 7 will boast even more.

I'd like to. Do you have a (preferably) 64-bit Linux version available, or a link to the source code and build instructions? :)

Welcome! / Re: Growing the community
« on: May 26, 2016, 02:26:49 PM »
You are blind obviously. He wants to rework the engine. Not to make mods using what engine already offers.

.. what are you talking about, seriously?
Stop putting words in my mouth. Also, please refrain from joining the discussion if all you want to do is make life harder for us.

I do not want to rework the engine. I never claimed I want to rework the engine.
I have said that it would be in the community's best interest to prevent fragmentation. It's small enough as it is, and a crucial goal is to have a single source port, that supports both Classic and BFG Doom. (I'm a classic guy, and I regret id chose to release the BFG edition, but there you go).

Also, looking at the Dark Mod, that's also not what I would like to go after. I'm interested in Doom. I want to put some serious effort into making a mod so good that it'll receive attention by the gaming press, one that'll convince people to give Doom 3 a second try.

And, if you'll allow me to sound really pretentious for just a moment, I know exactly what this mod needs to do. I'm just not experienced enough yet with the tech, and it'll take time. I have time, and I'm motivated as fuck.

Doom 3 simply isn't popular, because it's generally perceived to be a Doom game in name only. It's slow-paced, there's little room to move around in, the weapons aren't nearly as satisfying to use as they were in the other games, there's too few monsters and they're too hard to kill. That's the basic outline.

Welcome! / Re: Growing the community
« on: May 25, 2016, 04:28:22 PM »
Well, make your own mods and compile it for all platforms. Or put source on github and let maintainers do their thing. That's if anyone in 2016 will care for it.

Plenty of people care about Doom mods, because a lot of them are genuinely great fun to play. I'm sorry for bringing up Brutal Doom so much, but it's the best example I can think of. That mod gets so many of the details right. It makes you feel like a demon-slaughtering badass. The New Doom took a lot of cues from Brutal Doom, the glory kills for one.

It's the details, man.

Doesn't sounds like you have a clue. You don't need IDE to compile on Linux. dhewm3 uses cmake as I recall, which you run on Linux to generate makefile and the use cmd line gcc to build engine and game lib.

Good. I'm glad to be wrong. I haven't had the time yet to really investigate this, and wherever I looked, I was told I needed Visual Studio. So plain ol' CMake/make is sufficient. That's good to know.

Lol, ok.

... what?

Sure - roll up your sleeves and start working on it. Once you have major chunk of work done, maybe you'll find some like-minded individuals who can help you. That's just how it works in modding. There are too many people with ideas who don't have anything to show for. Even if you get a lot of work done, you might end up still working alone. While some people get stuck in time, the world goes on. Most people use Unity/UE4/whatever nowadays or mod modern games.

I've begun working on it. I've been learning how the engine works, and I'm getting into mapping. I've already done some small changes that make the game more fun. I intend to make it as fun to play as I possibly can.

You don't seem to be very enthusiastic about idTech4. Are you sure you're on the right forum?

Welcome! / Re: Growing the community
« on: May 25, 2016, 02:45:18 PM »
If the end game is to make a mod for Doom 3, why not to simply use what it already offers?

Like I said. Precompiled binaries tie mods to the platform they were compiled for.
I'm a Linux user. This means that almost all mods are useless to me. Also, the x86/x64 thing.

The dhewm3 author started a project to gather sources from mods so they can be compiled for any platform. But that is not trivial to do, since you require id's SDK and a fullblown IDE to compile them.

That's why the C++ thing is a headache. Switching to a dynamically interpreted language would solve this. It's what makes modding for Doom attractive; you make the mod, you distribute it, and people play it. No fuss.

If the end game to make a TC or a standalone game, better look for another engine. This way you can focus on making your project and not fighting the engine and its limitations.

Not interested in another engine. I like idTech4. Also not interested in developing a standalone game. I would like to have all assets from every idTech4 available to me, though.

Doom 3 engine is good for programmers to build up their portfolio. A ton of things can be improved and reworked and implemented.

Absolutely. So let's do it.

Welcome! / Re: Growing the community
« on: May 25, 2016, 05:06:24 AM »

I've spent the last week getting accustomed to idTech4, learning how to mod weapons, and creating and compiling small maps. I used to make maps for Half-Life a long time ago, which definitely helps.

It's also great to see how Doom³ really becomes that much more fun to play when tweaking weapon values to something sensible. It's obvious id chose to gimp them in various ways to make the game more difficult.

Having spent years in the ZDoom community, it's sad to see idtech4's doesn't even come close. In order to improve the situation and attract more developers, several issues need to be addressed. The main problems are:

- Creating quality content for Doom³ requires considerably more skill, dedication and time.
- Only one idTech4 game is open source for now, and the user base has been split between 'classic' and 'BFG' camps
- Despite good efforts, there's not a single mod out there that's unanimously regarded as the must-play killer app mod in the same way Brutal Doom or CounterStrike is.
- Fullblown modding requires creating a C++ library. This is problematic for many reasons.
For starters, this means that the huge majority of mods are tied to the Windows platform, and those that do not make their source code available are effectively destined to die a quick death.
- There are two source ports out there, with little to no overlap. Let's prevent splitting the community down even more.

So, what can be done?

Here's just some ideas off the top of my head.
First off, we need to unify the Classic and BFG groups. In order to achieve this, we need a single, well-maintained source port, supporting both editions. Let's not repeat the mistake the Doom community did, by splitting into many small factions each supporting an obscure port, each with their own incompatible mods.

We need to unify dhewm3 and RBDoomBFG.

Second, support for other idTech4 games needs to implemented. Games such as Quake 4, Prey and ETQW have great content, and having access to their assets from within Doom 3 will prove a very attractive feature.

Just dreaming out loud here, but imagine our source port having a feature which could convert classic Doom wads to idTech4 maps on the fly. Yes, this is feasible. That would surely entice a few thousand people to try out their wads in Doom³.

Implement advanced modding in the engine without the SDK or C++ requirement, with a scripting language such as Lua or Python implementation that exposes the API.
This means no more precompiled platform-dependent libraries are needed, and mods just plain work, regardless of the platform. ZDoom uses a language called ACS, which compiles to platform-agnostic bytecode. Doom³ would hugely benefit from something like this.

And, lastly, we need to unite what few modders there are in the community. A lot of the mods out there have overlapping features. So, instead of yet another HD graphics enhancement, all the developers need to gather to develop a single, 'industry-standard' mod featuring all the benefits that all of them individually offer.

Not trivial for sure, but if we could achieve at least some of these, developing for idTech4 will be a lot more attractive than it is now.

Welcome! / Re: Throw grenade script
« on: May 23, 2016, 03:04:02 AM »
Thanks for the replies, guys.

So, how about my question? How can I map a key to throwing a grenade?

Welcome! / Throw grenade script
« on: May 22, 2016, 06:43:54 AM »

I decided to venture into Doom³ modding.

I feel the engine has a lot of potential, and deserves a wider audience than what it has now, especially since we've had a quality open source port for a while, and cheap low-to-mid-end computers run the game well.

I believe a key element in reviving interest in Doom³ is a killer app mod.
Sort of like what the controversial Brutal Doom did for the Doom scene; getting enough people to take notice and inspire the development of new projects.

So, I have decided to start development on this mod. It will aim to make Doom³ a totally hypercharged, balls-to-the-wall power trip. I hope I'll get it to live up to the expectations that come with a Doom game.

One of the things I would like to implement first is the ability to throw grenades any time, which is a feature I like having in other FPS games, including the New Doom :)

So, being a Doom³ modding newbie, I assume I will need to bind a key to launching a script that will:

- Quickly lower the selected weapon
- Switch to and throw a grenade, if you have any
- Switch to and raise the previously selected weapon

Perhaps at a later stage, this can be modified so the player won't need to lower his weapon at all and uses the other arm to arm and throw the grenade, but I don't think that will be trivial, since it will likely require the creation or modification of model animations, which I'm only going to concern myself with after sufficiently understanding the basics.

So my question is: how do I create such a script, where does it go, how do I execute it and what does it need to contain, roughly?

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