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Doom 2 - Speedrun world record beaten this week!!

Started by chimueloeldragon2011, November 19, 2014, 07:41:44 PM

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Some of you may know about it, some may not.
A few hours ago I came across these news about ol' but yet loved Doom 2. A master of this FPS jewel has beaten the speedrun world record by a bunch of seconds, setting a new one, and in one of the highest difficulty levels.

Still love Doom 2 and want some old-school action? Here's the news article, if you want to take a look :D

The Happy Friar


This was awesome to watch.  I didn't know that you could wiggle through the exit gates like that.  I also like seeing someone else play like a pacifist, running and diving for the exit button.  The gaps he clears are also impressive, considering he can't jump.

The Happy Friar

When I read the article I thought "no way, not unless it's a modern engine."  I watched part of the video was was impressed.  He took less time to finish the entire game then most of us take for three maps.