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TarDoom -> If I build it, will they come?

Started by BloodRayne, March 08, 2015, 12:55:13 PM

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I've been dying to create a (quite simple) TC for Doom 3 for some time now. Spanning the middle 8 maps of Doom 3, prior to hell.

The Doctor receives a strange signal eminating from Mars, exactly at 04:23, 16 November, 2045.
He enters the coordinates and find himself trapped inside a human Mars Base.
Will the doctor be able to escape with his life, and save the remaining humans on the base?

If I build it, think they'll nuke my mod?


Don't know if they will nuke your mod or not but i surely like your idea. 


I'm thinking:

- The doctor is alone.
- No killing whatsoever by the doctor, no guns.
- Puzzles to avoid Imps and zombies.
- Teleport a Dalek from time to fight for the doctor for a short time.
- Brainwash Imps to fight zombies, or vice-versa.
- Overload lights on the ceiling with your sonic to make the ceiling fall down and block monsters.

What else?


Replace the sentry with K9, and add some cybermen.

I have a cybermen model if you need it for doom3.


You could, of course, have the original inhabitants turn up to see what the fuss is about. You could then get The Doctor to persuade them to help (the Martians may want to just nuke the base from orbit (you know, just to be sure)). They then work together to close the portal.


... Also, you could have The Doctor able to change or augment local machines. As an example, it could be determined that the critters use a particular wave to communicate with.  The Doctor canibalises local machines to make a wave detector or inhibitor. He could also be able to recharge health stations or hack them to provide other abilities.


I have the cyberman working as a char model, monster will come later, the k9 is just a static model it's a bit complicated with the sentry.
here's what they look like , the k9 is untextured.
I'd be happy to send them to you BloodRayne should you like wish to put them in. Let me know.

@BloodRayne I sent you a PM with the file link, have fun!