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Supremacy 3
« on: November 26, 2018, 09:54:23 AM »

Supremacy 3 is a standalone work-in-progress first-person shooter game about an epic multiverse war between Hell, the Strogg, the Sphere - and what's left of humanity, with you leading the desperate struggle for interdimensional supremacy - the only alternative to extinction.

Fortunately, you're skilled at making things extinct yourself.

Despite being massively outnumbered by apocalyptic forces who accept nothing less than total eradication of any living memory (or record) of mankind...

there's still a fighting chance.


UAC scientists discovered what was coined as the Exploit - a peculiar quirk in the fabric of timespace that allowed for cheap and reliable instant spacetime travel.
Traditional rocket propulsion technology was made obsolete in an instant and colonizing inhabitable planets became a realistic prospect.

They had no way of knowing that other intelligent entities had discovered it for ages.
Neither did they know that it made our beacons a blip on their radar - and a set of coordinates.

Entirely taken by surprise, mankind doesn't get to make much of a last stand. Overrun by armies of nightmarish creatures who took their perpetual war with them to fight on our battlegrounds - with our planet as the spoils - there's no way for us to wage war back anymore.

So there was a silver lining to being stripped of your identity and dumped in a secret prison facility. If you had been anywhere else, you would most likely be dead.
Having served as an involuntary Exploit test subject in the finetuning phase left you with several unique symptoms which might prove to be decisive in humanity's fate.
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