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Is this community dead ?

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So, what's been going on ? Forums seems to be really really dead.

The Happy Friar:
you're look'n at it. :p


--- Quote from: The Happy Friar on December 10, 2020, 10:55:09 PM ---you're look'n at it. :p

--- End quote ---

yay!!!  8)

Welcome... to Eric Matyas Park!...

At this moment I have an old workstation (C2D/4Gb/Geforce9600) with hdd which is fall with MSVC2013, compiled sources, game resources (D3 and D3BFG both), 3D, editors, mods, swf, textures and other stuff  :D

~80% of those content was backuped on dvd but...

I'm at the doubt right now. There are a lot of thoughts about next path (e.g. about reasonability to build a new platform or restore old, migration to modern environment or stayed on current etc). Not sure how to express it in your way of thinking... The change of prioritets? A crossroad? Age's grumbling?  ;D

Worst of all I lost my english skills without practice.

But this is a good site with interesting people and info. Then let it be.


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