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Let's discuss ways to reach a wider audience with our community. I know there are many Idtech modders currently 'floating' with no real home to speak of, let's plaster links to this place everywhere you go, advertising it as an advanced/elite modding forum. Make it a bit special so we can raise the quality of posting here and perhaps get some more professionals active.

I'm pretty sick of the yes/no/i'm smarter/quicker/better than you discussions here and I'd love to see in depth tech talk about modding, without all the mud throwing.
For that we need much more posters and a more active community. I'd love to hear ideas and see you guys pull your weight in trying to grow the community.

Do not start any discussions about the current quality of posting, this thread is not to solve discussions or disputes, it's to find ways to grow the community.

maybe the community would grow if there where improvements to the engine making it more tempting for new users? I bet doing something to improve it's capacity to create great levels fighting the perception that the engine is only geared towards closed spaces would make the engine more attractive.
having already a LOD system like the one in the dark mod we might need a way to represent a great terrain differently than having a single huge model.

I was thinking of a more simpler approach, like everyone post a link here in sigs on other boards, make a post on other boards that you visit, let people know to come and visit here, the no.1 idtech modding place to be etc..etc.. :)

It will be tough recruiting new members with always the same usual suspects talking this engine and this page down... but there are things I personally can do, like adding links to this forum to my homepage and possibly doing the same to my idtech4 based projects.

This idea might potentially backfire and be ripe for abuse, but perhaps a "gallery" feature where users can vote (one vote, one user) individual images up and down the queue.  People always like to see pics than need to trudge through dozens of posts of talk.


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