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The Happy Friar:
By default it's pretty simple, but some neat features you can use:

* more smileys by clicking "more" under the standard ones.
* Gui post editor under Profile - Modify Profile - Look and Layout - Show WYSIWYG editor on post page by default.
* Ability to hide avatars and signatures.
* When a user is ignored you have the option to never see their posts.
* Calendar up top will show users birthdays if entered.  For example, my next birthday is in February of 2016.  :)  Should be able to enter events too.
* Deleted posts/threads wind up in "Haunting of Deck 12" (no new posts in their)
* Ability to moderate threads you started.  Works good, in general, on Tastyspleen.  :D
* News forum where (I think) only admin/mods can post for all to see.
* Attachments to posts.Other stuff I can't think of, go exploring.

When you see guest under someones name, were they banned or did they close their account?

The Happy Friar:
I don't remember banning anyone but spam accounts/ip's, but people can delete themselves and the logs say then they're converted to a guest.  Have a thread you're seeing that says this?


This one has a guest in it. In a good way ;)

The Happy Friar:
Must be.  You can still search for them via username though, they're just not in the listing.


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