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Greetings fellow earthlings :)

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I am many years too late to Doom3 modding and it is very difficult to find information on modding. I'm sure that's many peeps stories here and I am glad this place exists.

I've always tinkered with modding on my own and I don't think I've owned a game without editing it in someway. I have especially enjoyed learning blender and making my own content for other games and eventually would like to for D3.

I know it ain't a popular thing but I recently for fun ported the Doom 2016 DoomSlayer into D3 for personal use .
The weights needs a bit of work (F@#k weighting the hands for now) but it looks pretty cool and not out of place.
I reduced the polycount and made the helmet separate and combined it with the default player head mesh and I am amazed that I got it to work! ( I have no intention of sharing it as it's illegal too I am pretty sure so sorry to anyone who wants this)

besides some .def edits that's the extent of my modding for D3 so far. I am a total noob so sorry for my ignorance in advance

I've learnt a lot in the past few days from lurking here so I thought I'd join and maybe ask some questions.

Like to shoutout to all the people here that have created content over the years for me to play Thankyou for your time and effort!

Greetings !

For help, besides here : - ModWiki with tutorials about the engine - Dark Mod Forums, not Doom 3 , but a game based on Doom 3, guys there are pretty helpful - Discord chat. It's the best option right now - Uhm. It's alright I think

Most of the stuff in the engine seems pretty self-explanatory if looked with some attention.

I also had this idea to get in the near future 2016 stuff in Doom 3 (Monsters & Weapons). Nice to hear someone got there before me.

Hey thanks for all the links. I have had a look through most of them but the discord.
Cool to see that someone else wants to do this too. Be cool to see if you share some pics if you do.
I definitely want to port the revenant  as the default one is ghastly and I have always disliked it the most out of all the D3 monster recreations.
I think the first thing I want to mod is adding a melee function to the weapons and make the flashlight droppable so you place it on the ground when you want to attack with a gun rather than a duct tape mod.

Looking through the .def files and they are fairly intuitive, first thing I changed was movement speed, shotgun reload speed and fire rate as well as making the grenade non cyclable and toggleable, reducing the amount you have to 4 and then binding it to g ingame for a more typical grenade system in games. Really liking how easy and moddable this game is and still quite pretty too. Been using FHdoom with redux mod for the textures.

You've got the Slayer in Doom 3?...

I'm very interested in that.

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