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Hi everyone,

You might know me from the IDTech4 Discord server, but somehow I never registered here :) I'm mostly a content maker for The Dark Mod, and I do stuff like this:

For many years, I was mostly an Unreal guy, but I love FPS games and the stealth genre. Since I'm not a programmer, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to make things for the only fully moddable FPS stealth game that is The Dark Mod, as it's got all the systems already there. I started learning the engine around 2 years ago, and after some frustration with the (lack of the proper) interface, I found my way around it.

I specialize in static models and materials; just recently I started working with animated props, so my first post would probably be in the animated models section :)

The Happy Friar:
Welcome to the forums.    We have cooler smile's to choose from vs the discord.    :magicpony:


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