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New Smileys?


The Happy Friar:
Look under the subject when posting, you'll see smiles.  I can add more.  As much as I want, from what I understand.  Here's what is on so far:
 :admin: :anyone: :ban: :rtfm: :rulez: :baron: :borg: :broken: "assimilate" :mastermind: :badspam: :cyberdemon: :alien: :welcome: :cacodemon: :wtf: :chaingun: :fatty: :giggle: :flamewar: :goodnight: :hijacked: :locked:

If you want another, post it here and I'll add it.  I'll be adding more.

The Happy Friar:
Some more:
 :stroggtapir: :penguin: :oppressor: :infiltrator: :stroggbanana: :armadillochase: :stroggflag: :armadillo: :hog: :goliathspin: :orbital: :orbital: :magicpony: :icarus: :riflenade: :flamethrower:

If anyone does some Doom/Quake themed ones that would be awesome.  :)

Very Interesting ...

The Happy Friar:
Anyone got some new smiley's for Doom (4)'s?  Or want to make some?  :)


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