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Thank you very much, that did the trick. It needs to be a func_clipmodel before exporting and also it must consist of only one brush afaik.
Thank you.. your help is much appreciated.

If you open one of ids .cm files it has a header which points to the model file. Not sure if that does anything though.
Thank you.. exporting it to the doom3 folder worked. Interesting, that it doesnt work outside the base path.

Unfortunately i've ran into the next issue, i have an .ASE as static model and want to use it as a moveable. Therefore i need a simpler model for collision.
I've looked into the moveables .def file but i think the models from id come with a collision model built in?

Thank you for your help

I've picked up working on my doom3 mod since 5 years.. so i've gotten a bit rusty. Glad i've found this forum though. Very unfortunate what happened to D3W though :-[

Anyway, i have a custom model which i need a simpler collision model for. I've checked the game files and theres .cm files for various moveable objects.
As far as i remember you had to create a brush inside the Radiant and could export it as .cm file. But everytime i try that, it doesn't do anything.

Hope anyone can help me. Thanks.