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AR-15 test model I'm working with

Started by The Happy Friar, July 31, 2019, 10:04:23 PM

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The Happy Friar

my goal is to make the weapon more "real", so I've been messing with some code, script, & model setup's to achieve that.
currently the weapon is setup so that when you start with it, you're not to accurate, but once you hit the target X times (forget how many), you become more accurate.

the idea being the more the player practices @ the range, the better they get.
currently there is no "fire by the hip" option because that's not how I shoot, so it seems unrealistic when trying to hit a target.I might make one where you're just holding the firearm, but you can still pull the trigger & fire to the side.


It reminded me the hit maps in Q4:

Perhaps source code from Q4 can help for your research.

Can you show the model?

The Happy Friar

what specific you want to see of the model?  It's not my model, it's a really low poly test model I got from blenderartists.

The Happy Friar

issue i'm having now is that the bullet doesn't have slowdown so i can't get the bullet to drop properly.  :)


Quote from: The Happy Friar on August 09, 2019, 09:31:07 PM
what specific you want to see of the model?

For better motivation, I suppose :)

Quoteyou're not to accurate

Are you used 'launchFromBarrel" feature and few animations with shaking gun for that purpose?


The Happy Friar

Yes.  I modified the code to actuality fire from the direction barrel.  By default it would fire from the barrel at the player's view angle vs the direction of the barrel bone.
            //dir = playerViewAxis[ 0 ] + playerViewAxis[ 2 ] * ( ang * idMath::Sin( spin ) ) - playerViewAxis[ 1 ] * ( ang * idMath::Cos( spin ) );
            //use actuatly angle from muzzle bone vs player for firing direction   THF 2019/6/1
            dir = muzzleAxis[0] + muzzleAxis[2] * (ang * idMath::Sin(spin)) - muzzleAxis[1] * (ang * idMath::Cos(spin));

just change the first commented out stuff on the weapon.cpp to the new code.  Surprisingly easy.  I've done tests too, and having different firing animations I can actually change direction of fire now.  Pretty cool.  :) 


Rocket science :)

My old experiments with optical distortion (can be combined with gun model).

The Happy Friar
using a target_setinfluence to place the players view at a camera which follows an entity & an animated model is spawned at the point of the camera.