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Chain Reaction - MP Map

Started by douglas quaid, December 23, 2015, 02:55:10 PM

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douglas quaid

About ten days ago I was watching people playing Quake 3 Arena maps on YouTube. Back in the day, one of my favourites was 'The Very End of You' or for the more modern Quake Live player, Beyond Reality. From this inspiration, I set about on a level design quest to see if it could be pulled off in Doom 3 as the main thing that was missing from multiplayer in my opinion was jump maps. I wanted the theme of the map to represent the arena style similar to QL/Q3A while adding elements from the D3 universe.

The map is set in a reactor style UAC space facility, where rival companies Mixom and Moxim (Red Team/Blue Team) are fighting for ownership of the facility's precious energy resources. The level has been changed and adapted to Doom 3 with new ways of playing the map. There are additional jumppads that hurl players high in the air to a platform holding the Megahealth, which respawns every 60 seconds as opposed to the default 3 minutes. There are also moving platforms for strafe jumping from high to low with fluidity. I'm still working on weapon placment though.

The map will be called Chain Reaction as players will have the ability to access a computer terminal and cause a meltdown. The timer will count down to total destruction so it will be panic trying to teleport to the reactor safe room before the time runs out, thus killing all players unfortunate enough to not make it. The map supports DM and TDM and I'm creating a new soundtrack for the map too so I'll probably be finished tonight or tomorrow for testing with some current D3 clan members. :D

Here's a few screenshots using Sikkmod... 

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Howdy Quaid! That looks awesome, I think one of the reasons we never saw jump maps was, and I could be wrong here, the doom 3 marine had really bad arthritis in his legs, which is why he walks funny. But being a prideful one he would never admit that to anyone but when a transfer to Mars came up, along with it's lower gravity, he jumped (not literally) at the chance only to find out that despite the 1/3 gravity, he quickly became accustomed, and his condition quickly reared it's ugly head once again and worse yet, his duties - trekking through hell's half acre on a daily basis only worsened his condition to the point where he couldn't even speak but only grunt in pain through gritted teeth.

Anyway, to make a long story short the Doom 3 marine and gravity were not friends by any stretch, so if the take off didn't break his legs or kill him, the landing certainly would... but seriously though looks awesome, can't wait to play it! Love the meltdown gimmick.



That does look good. Are those jump pads?
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