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Assets extraction


THF linked a tool that extracts assets from DOOM.

I wonder if it's possible to extract textures from it in an editable format (TGA / PNG).

The Happy Friar:
People have, I just couldn't.  Not sure why.  When an asset is selected it should give you the option of how to extract it.  I only had some options for .obj's of some models.  I have no clue why some I could extract & some I couldn't.

Did you update the tool to ver 0.4 ?

The Happy Friar:
Yes, that was the one I was using. 

Here's what I see.  The ones in the folders I can view & extract, which isn't much, the ones outside the folder, but have folder paths in their filenames, I can't view or extract.  That's most of the game.

I see.. Odd indeed.


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