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Since it wasn't mentioned here yet...

Played it a bunch, well, can't say it motivated me to keep pressing on. Some of the architecture is quite nifty, I'll give it that.
Haven't played it far enough to encounter any Doom II enemies though, are they even in?

It replaces episode 3 in Ultimate Doom as a pwad, for the sake of utilising the ending sequences I believe, so not for Doom II.

I am quite surprised at some of the performance issues.  On one hand, I understand nobody would be playing this on a 486 (except maybe the Nostalgia Nerd) and people wouldn't even notice, but on the other hand I expected it to be on-par with the original game in terms of performance.  I guess I'm nitpicking, but I figured it would have been an important factor from the guy who made most of those original levels.  At least on-par with TNT from Final Doom, which had pretty bad performace in some maps.  I don't know, it's a non-issue if most people are playing it on a Ryzen Threadripper, but it does bother me anyway.  Maybe I would have liked to play it with DSDoom. (*which the NDS could not handle a complete playthrough (of Final Doom) due to poor map optimisation-related performance issues)


--- Quote from: LDAsh on June 06, 2019, 06:20:26 PM ---performance issues. ... in terms of performance.... had pretty bad performace in some maps...due to poor map optimisation-related performance issues)

--- End quote ---

Never had any for the old Doom(s). Played even on my old PC . Risen, Zandorum, ZDoom, GZDoom, Doomsday, Chocolate, Legacy, EDGE, DOSBox. Never encountered performance issues.

I mentioned a 486 and NDS for a reason...
No, you're not going to notice any performance issues on your computer - I am talking about comparatively, by ~'94 standards.
I also mentioned Final Doom for a reason, that even in ~'96 some of those later maps ran pretty choppy, and as I said, make it impossible to play them on DSDoom.

Then again I don't believe there's any WAD out there designed with DSDoom in mind.


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