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DOA model I got in to Doom 3

Started by The Happy Friar, August 09, 2020, 01:17:37 PM

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The Happy Friar

I've got to give her a proper skeleton then i can animate her in game.
model is from here:


The Happy Friar

face piece missing because i forgot to assign the verts to a vertex group.
~105k tris in that model.  I found out D3 doesn't like one single model ~ that high, but broken up in to pieces in the md5mesh it can handle it no problem.


This collection was removed a couple of times in the past and I won't be surprised when it all disappears again.
It's worthwhile grabbing what you can while it's there, if you're interested in real-time references for character modelling.

The Happy Friar

looks like the guy who posted it has lots of game rips.
I'm confused how Valve allows obviously ripped game models in GMod.  You think they'd want to stop that.


At last time I've converted some models from The Thing, HL2, Max Payne 1|2 and Paranoia.

I found it was very helpful for understand the modelling conception (especially when you moves from low poly to hi poly models). It is amazing how the artist can give the feeling of object via few polygons and colors only.

After that the Great Carma was caught up with me and I've lost my hdd with all content onboard :(

The Happy Friar


You mean "Microsoft OneDrive or MEGA cloud storage" I suppose.

Christmas trees, it took me two days to understand this phrase!

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