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Re: Doom 3 Supremacy

Started by The Happy Friar, November 26, 2018, 02:02:47 PM

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Made the SMG a little smarter, which is now able to tell when aimed at an enemy.


Made it a little bit smarter still, it is now able to distinguish friends from foes:



Pressing the Switch button will switch weapon modes or toggle add-ons such as laser sights.

However, it now has a secondary function. Press Switch while facing a monster within range and you'll perform a melee attack instead.


A lot of nice improvements under the hood (though not easy to show off in pictures)

Many special functions are now handled by the player script, sending the necessary commands to weapons, instead of the other way around.
This means the elimination of a lot of duplicate code, not to mention other benefits such as newly added weapons automatically having running/aiming/alt/melee capability.

The actual melee system has been improved as well. In practice, the previous implementation proved near useless, as switching to fists, punching, and switching back proved far too slow to be useful.

So now melee attacks are performed by the current weapon held, which is near instantaneous.

.. I don't have any melee animations for any of the guns as of now, so I just throw the view around a bit until I do :)

In practice this system works quite well, though I'm considering sharing melee with the Aim button instead of Switch . We'll see.

Weapon_fists is now not needed anymore, freeing up a weapons slot as well :)

I have a few melee-related ideas, such as auto-focusing on any nearby monsters, which would solve the problem of melee attacks not landing because the monsters wasn't perfectly centered in your view. Perhaps a series of combination attacks could be performed if the player keeps pressing the button.


There are many cool new features coming up, but they require some polish before being shown off :)

The Loot Drop system has been improved. The base monster class has a list of possible items to drop, such as a clip of pistol ammo.

However, each monster can override or add to this list with items of it's own, so, for example, Cherubs drop more exotic things.

I am still working out the details of the algorithm, but what items are dropped - if any - is determined by your Luck stat, tied to your experience level among other things.


Same as with the special weapon functions, I replaced all the individual weapon tracing functionality with a single, unified solution.
In non-fourth-wall-breaking-terms, this means it's your suit doing the tracing now, relaying commands to wherever they are needed.

Not only is this solution much cleaner, but it also opens the door for some very interesting possibilities.

Your HUD now subtly highlights whatever monster or NPC you're aiming at. Monsters are highlighted orange, NPC's green.

(i've exaggerated the green-ness here for clarity)

Not only that, but it also allows to perform context-sensitive actions; shooting at a friendly NPC will not actually fire the weapon but send a command instead (regardless of weapon used or state the player is in - it's seamless). For example, clicking on a Sentry bot would get it's attention, and a second click would send the Sentry to the location you clicked.

It's also a pretty useful aiming aid :)


Added an effect to all mechanical entities where they periodically emit sparks and smoke after taking enough damage:

This works pretty well, but perhaps it can be improved still by picking a random joint to spawn the particles from.


Apologies for the lack of updates - things are still happening, but at a slower pace.

Recent events indicate that using a copyrighted name for your mod project increases scrutiny, so I'm dropping 'Doom' from the title and call it Supremacy 3 from now on. I will update things accordingly.

I also settled upon a release date for v1.0, which will be the same date Doom Eternal will be released - 22 November 2019. No new features will be introduced until then, focus will be exclusively on polish.

A test version will be released before that, though. If you are interested in helping out by testing and providing feedback (or fixes outright ;) ) just send me a personal message stating your interest.

The Happy Friar

it's quite possible that nobody will play if you release it same day as eternal.  I'd say a week ahead for ultimate hype.  :)


Alright - 15 november it is.


I would like to take the opportunity to plug the Doom Reborn mod, which I've been playing and enjoying a lot - and you should too.

Props to GameHacker who made it!

(It should keep you nicely occupied until Supremacy3 is released ;) )



As if you didn't get this from the screenshots already, Supremacy³ now contains enough Prey assets to allow importing, dmapping and playing it's maps. Even if they aren't suited to what I have in mind (and also being designed around being able to wall walk, switch gravity and use portals), it's still nice to have all the materials, mapobjects, particles and other effects available for aspiring content makers.

I expect to finish importing the remaining assets today to make sure all of it's maps work, and then I will move onto the next phase - Quake 4 maps. However, Quake 4 materials aren't as straightforward to import and adapt as Prey's, a lot of materials will need to be re-written.

That's probably going to keep me busy for a few days.



The Happy Friar

after you're strogofied you should be turned in to that badass.   O0